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Copyright: OERs, Images, Audio, Multimedia


OERs, or open education resources, are resources you can integrate in your teaching. They are either in the public domain (and not covered by copyright law) or they have a creative commons (CC) license that stipulates how you may use the resources without seeking copyright permission. Visit our OER guide to learn more. 

Images, Audio, Multimedia, and Copyright

When using images, audio, and multimedia on personal websites, you must beware of copyright. The following websites provide creative commons (CC) license resources.  Scroll down for more information on searching two of them, Creative Commons and Google Images.

Searching Creative Commons

The Creative Commons website links to different places you can find images, media, and videos.  Type your keywords in the search box and select which site you want it to search.  Take note of the type of materials each site has, this can help you decide which one to search.

Creative Commons - Use the search box and suggested websites to search for Creative Commons resources.

Searching Google Images

Use the following steps to find images that you may use within copyright compliance. 

1. Enter your search terms and click the magnifying glass to search.

2. On the search results screen, click "Tools."

3. Click "usage rights." If you are using this for noncommercial use, then choose one of the noncommercial use licenses.

Searching Google Images - Select usage rights to see different usage options.


4. Once you make your selection, Google Images adjusts its search results. Notice that your choice is listed above the images.

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