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Graduate Student Guide: Repositories


As graduate students, you will be expected to begin publishing your work. Also, DNP students will complete a final project that must be disseminated. One method of dissemination is via a repository. 

If your work is otherwise unpublished, you own all of the copyright and can distribute your work in any repository you choose or display it on a personal website as you choose. If your work is published in another publication, you will need to keep copyright in mind, and you will need to review your publication contract to determine how you can disseminate your work via a repository. Also, you should always be reading the submission guidelines and user agreements on the repositories before you submit them to see if there are any restrictions on submitting your work.

Repositories may house articles, abstracts, poster presentations, and other types of work. 

The repositories below are great places to consider submitting to; please read the information below to determine where you want to submit.

In addition to submitting your work to repositories, they are great resources to search for your own research purposes. 

Virginia Henderson Repository

This repository is free to submit your information to and free to search. If the full text is available for download, you may download the items free of charge, too. You will need to register to submit your work. Look at the policies to learn more about submitting your work.

ProQuest Dissertations and Theses

ProQuest is a great place to submit your work to because your work will be discoverable in major databases; however, in order to view the full text of a project, you either need to be affiliated with a library that subscribes to this database or be willing to purchase the dissertation or thesis. ProQuest currently allows you to submit a citation for your project so it is discoverable via ProQuest while still allowing you to submit the full text of your work in other, free repositories.

Doctors of Nursing Practice Respository

According to its website, Doctors of Nursing Practice, Inc., "is a corporation formed by a group of advanced practice nurses to enhance the profession and Doctor of Nursing Practice degree to improve healthcare outcomes." The group formed a digital repository of items that you can freely search. If the full text of an item is available, you may also download it for free. If you choose to submit to this repository, there is a $30 charge to post your project. This charge helps defray the group's cost of hosting and curating the items. 

Repositories you may search but not submit to

Many large colleges and universities have institutional repositories you may search. You may not always be able to get the free text of items due to publication copyright, but if the full text is allowed to be made freely available, it will be there for you to download. These are great resources for your own research, but please keep in mind that people submit more than just articles to repositories, so before using any of the items for your research, make sure the item fits any source requirements. 

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