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Graduate Student Guide: Writing Assistance and Other Learner Support

Learner Support for Graduate Students

The College offers writing and other learner support for all students, including graduate students. 

  • Writing Assistance
    • Grammarly Premium - This is an online program that instantly checks your grammar. You can download a plug-in that will check your grammar without having to upload your files. The plug-in will also check your grammar in emails and in Blackboard. Click here to download instructions on how to use this program. 
    • Smarthinking - This is an online tutoring center. You can submit your papers to Smarthinking and a tutor will review it and provide feedback. There is also an option for ESL support when submitting papers in Smarthinking. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive feedback. Smarthinking is linked in Blackboard.
    • Writing assistance from faculty, peer tutors, and ESL tutors - Go to your success network in Starfish and choose Writing Support Services.
  • Other learner support available  - Contact Learner Support Coordinator Elizabeth Ashley and visit our Learner Support page. You may also schedule appointments with Elizabeth via Starfish - Learning Commons - Learner Support.
    • Test taking
    • Note taking 
    • Study skills
    • Time management

Learn more about the Learning Commons and learner support on our portal page

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