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Graduate Student Guide: Writing/Research Assistance and Learner Support for Grad Students

Writing Assistance and Support for Graduate Students

The College's Learner Support Coordinator has provided the following resources for writing assistance.

  • Grammarly Premium - This is an online program that instantly checks your grammar. You can download a plug-in that will check your grammar without having to upload your files. The plug-in will also check your grammar in emails and in Blackboard. You can download instructions on how to use this program.
  • Smarthinking - This is an online tutoring center. You can submit your papers to Smarthinking and a tutor will review it and provide feedback. There is also an option for ESL support when submitting papers in Smarthinking. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive feedback.
  • Writing assistance from faculty, peer tutors, and ESL tutors - Go to My Success Network in Starfish and choose Writing Support Services.


In addition to these resources, the College Library provides access to the following eBooks which are especially helpful for graduate nursing students writing for publication but can also be helpful for anyone writing for publication. You will be asked to log in if accessing these books off campus just as you log in to any library resource when you're off campus.


Researcher Requirements

PA College of Health Sciences' Academic Scholarship and Research Committee has compiled information to help students navigate the LGH Institutional Review Board (IRB) process if your project requires you to go through our IRB. Check out the Researcher Requirements page on the PA College portal for more information. 

Learner Support for Graduate Students

The College offers learner support for graduate students. Contact Learner Support Coordinator Elizabeth Ashley and visit our Learner Support page. You may also schedule appointments with Elizabeth via Starfish - Learning Commons - Learner Support.

  • Time management
  • Study skills
  • Note taking
  • Test taking
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