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Graduate Student Guide: Citing Sources and Academic Integrity

APA information

Visit our APA guide for information about citing sources. 

Beginning with the fall 2020 semester, PA College will utilize APA 7th edition. The 7th edition has slightly different requirements for student papers and for professional papers. Please check with your instructor to see which requirements you should be following. You will find information about both of those papers on the APA guide linked above.

Anatomy of a citation

Sample Citation: 

French L. (2011). The unspoken: The stresses of a novice nurse. Nursing2012, 41(12), 16-17.

      Now let's look at it's components, color-coded, below:

French L. (2011). The unspoken: The stresses of a novice nurse. Nursing2012, 41(12), 16-17.

Author French L
Year published (2011)
Article title The unspoken: The stresses of a novice nurse
Journal title Nursing2012,
Volume & (Issue) 41(12),
Pages 16-17.









When using resources from a library database, you include the doi if it's available. This goes at the end of your citation:

French L. (2011). The unspoken: The stresses of a novice nurse. Nursing201241(12), 16-17. doi: 10.1097/01.NURSE.0000407690.31430.ab

Note that when you retrieve items from the internet, APA does NOT include the date you retrieved the items. The only date that's important is the publication date.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity, also known as academic honesty, is a fundamental standard of scholarship. Academic integrity includes avoiding plagiarism, cheating, etc. Plagiarism is a common form of academic dishonesty that students and professionals encounter; it can be intentional or unintentional. It is also possible to engage in self-plagiarism in which you re-use your work from a previous course for a current course without instructor permission to re-use your work. In order to avoid all forms of plagiarism, it is important that you understand your topic and cite your sources. The sites below offer tips on how to avoid plagiarism.

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