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U.S. Copyright Office


Copyright Term and Public Domain Chart -- Developed by Cornell University

Thinking Through Fair Use -- The University of Minnesota Libraries' tool for determining "fair use."

Exceptions for Instructors -- To find out if your intended use meets the requirements set out in the law, use this free, online tool.

Fair Use Evaluator -- Helpful to determine the "fairness" of a use under the U.S. Copyright Code.

Copyright Framework - Framework from Virginia Tech that was used in the Learning Commons Copyright Refresher workshop

Copyright Videos

Fair Use: The Basics-- Copyright & Digital Scholarship Center, NCSU Libraries, North Carolina State University (7:17).

Copyright On Campus -- Copyright Clearance Center (6:30).

Copyright Guides

Excellent materials are available online for exploring copyright, including:

  Copyright Quick Guide -- Copyright Advisory Office, Columbia University Libraries/Information Services.  

  Copyright Crash Course -- Developed by the University of Texas.  

  Copyright Resource Center -- Ohio State University

  Copyright Information and Resources -- University of Minnesota

  Copyright -- American Library Association

 Copyright and Fair Use -- Nice guide developed by the Library at the University of Maryland. 

  Copyright Overview -- Stanford University.

  Copyright Basics -- Copyright Clearance Center

  A Writer's Guide to Fair Use -- Provided by the law firm, Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton, PC.

 CENDI FAQs for Government Resources - Information on copyright and government resources

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