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National Library of Medicine Exhibit: Home

This guide provides information on National Library of Medicine exhibits hosted by the College's Learning Commons.

2018-2019 Exhibit

This year's National Library of Medicine exhibit is "And there's the humor of it: Shakespeare and the four humors."

According to the National Library of Medicine, "William Shakespeare (1564–1616) created characters that are among the richest and most humanly recognizable in all of literature. Yet Shakespeare understood human personality in the terms available to his age—that of the now-discarded theory of the four bodily humors—blood, bile, melancholy, and phlegm. These four humors were thought to define peoples’ physical and mental health, and determined their personalities, as well." This exhibit, "explores the language of the four humors that bred the core passions of anger, grief, hope, and fear—the emotions conveyed so powerfully in Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies."

This exhibition was produced by the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health. 

When can I view this exhibit?

The exhibit it available to everyone affiliated with PA College to view September 24 - November 3, 2018. From September 24 - November 1, the exhibit will be in front of the Seraph Foundation Learning Commons. On November 1, the exhibit will be moved to the area outside of the High Auditorium for viewing.

The exhibit will be available to the public on Thursday, November 1, one hour prior to the Distinguished Lecturer event

  • Please enter at the Cooper Building entrance; parking is available here. Please see the maps below - the building entrances and parking lot are highlighted. 
  • PSNA credits are available for viewing the exhibit.  
  • If you have any questions about getting to the College, please contact the College's main number at 800-622-5443.


More information

Director, Learning Commons

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