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Information About OpenAthens and Creating Your OpenAthens Account: Home

OpenAthens is the new way that the library provides access to electronic resources. This guide shows you how to create and maintain your OpenAthens account.

Information about OpenAthens, the Library's New Identity Management Application

Starting February 13, 2017, the library will begin using OpenAthens, an identity management application, to provide access to licensed electronic resources for the LG Health and PA College communities. Information available in this guide will help you create your account, and learn how OpenAthens will provide access to the library's collection of electronic journals, eBooks and databases. If you have questions about OpenAthens after reading the material available here, please contact Scott Denlinger, Librarian for Systems and Digital Collections, at 717-947-6128 or via email at

OpenAthens URLs

Link to Create Your OpenAthens Account

Has your OpenAthens account expired? Renew your account here: 

OpenAthens Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenAthens?

OpenAthens is an identity management application which determines who may access proprietary electronic resources licensed for LG Health and PA College users.

How do I create an OpenAthens account?

Access the self-registration page here:

Can I create an OpenAthens account if I am not on an LG Health or PA College campus?

Yes, but in this scenario, you must associate an official LG Health or PA College email address with your account, to prove that you are affiliated with LG Health or PA College.

I created an account on the self-registration page, but I still can’t get to the resource I was trying to use.

Did you click on the link provided in the confirmation email message? When you create an account on the self-registration page, you will receive an email message from OpenAthens, asking you to confirm the account and set an account password.

What if I forget my OpenAthens username?

When you create your account, we encourage you to use your email or network username to make it easier to remember your OpenAthens account. Remember that all OpenAthens user accounts begin with "pchs". You also have the option of logging in using the email address you associated with your account, in case you prefer not to use your OpenAthens username.

I have an OpenAthens account, but I don’t remember my password. What do I do?

On the OpenAthens login screen, click on the “Problems signing in?” link, and follow the instructions.

I never had to log in to view library resources before. Why am I being asked to do so now?

Logging in to view library resources does represent a new, additional step, but as LG Health and PA College have grown in size and organizational complexity, the terms under which we purchase resource licenses have grown in complexity as well. Using this new login procedure will help us obtain a better overview of who uses our resources, and will help us better tailor our licensing arrangements with our vendors. In turn, the library can continue to provide relevant resources to our users, using the potential savings on licensing costs to provide an even wider assortment of resources to our users in the future. Also, the OpenAthens identity management application means that our users will have much more flexibility in using our resources in a variety of locations.

Will I need to log in to OpenAthens every time I attempt to view a licensed resource?

No. You will normally only log in once at the beginning of your session. Your logged-in status is recorded via a cookie in your browser software, and will usually be valid for eight hours. If you are active in multiple Internet browsers, you may need to log in multiple times. You may also need to log in multiple times if you clear your browser history or cookies during a session.

I’m an LG Health employee but I’m also taking classes at PA College. Which status should I use to create my account?

If most of your use of library resources will be to satisfy the requirements of your PA College course work, then register using your affiliation with PA College. If you are using library resources more for your activities as an LG Health employee, then register according to your LG Health employee status.

May I use my personal email address with my OpenAthens account?

Under some circumstances, this is possible. In order to register a personal email address with your OpenAthens account, you must access the self-registration page from a computer connected to the LG Health network or the PA College network.

I got a message that my account will soon expire or already has expired. What do I do?

Access the account renewal page here:

I still have questions about OpenAthens. Whom do I contact?

Contact Scott Denlinger, Librarian, Systems and Digital Collections, at 717-947-6128, or via email at

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